VIRTUAL Grocery Store Tour

From the moment you step into the local grocery store, you have easy access to tasty treats, decadent desserts, and fresh fruits. If you have ever gone food shopping, you know how difficult it can be to pick the right foods. For a little extra help, turn to me, Bill Long, in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a unique addition to the Billdozer Project, I am proud to provide a full grocery store tour for each of my clients.

The transition into a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. This is easy to understand, since the sudden change can be daunting and frustrating—especially if you lack the knowledge, let alone the discipline; it may leave you feeling like you’d rather give up and reach for a piece of pizza. Don’t! Let me take you back to basics when it comes to the food you feed your body. It’s my mission to help you build a solid foundation of healthy eating with some of my best healthy grocery shopping tips!  You’re sure to feel confident and empowered as you begin your fitness journey with my virtual grocery store tour.

To help you reach your goals I take you down each aisle of the grocery store and teach you exactly how to shop for foods that are whole and nutritious. I’ll also teach you how to read labels and identify delicious vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients that will make meal prepping easier, more colorful, and delicious!

Through my virtual grocery store tour, I’ll also be answering frequently asked questions and sharing healthy grocery shopping tips that you’ll want to hear! My goal is to show you the right way to perform healthy grocery store shopping, so that you always have nutritious foods around you. Join my program today to start on the path to better health.

Videos coming soon