Online fitness videos

My online fitness videos are super convenient for people that like to make their own schedules, go or for people who just prefer to workout alongside a virtual trainer! My online workout tutorials are a great resource designed to help you stay on track with your workouts, as you learn the proper form and function of different movements from a trained professional. If you’re working out, you have the option to view these videos on your laptop, phone, or tablet. These online fitness videos allow me to assist you during your workouts without being physically present with you during your fitness regimen.The benefit to having access to full-length online workout tutorials is that you have the power to pause and rewind. Of course, I’m here to help guide you throughout the entire process. If you have any questions or are seeking encouragement I’ll always correspond with you via email or Skype (if you prefer).

If you’re interested in joining my exclusive fitness program, be sure to contact me, Bill Long, to help get you started on your path toward living a healthy, vibrant life!

Instructional Video: Hammer Strength Decline Chest Press

Instructional Video: Wide Grip Hammer Strength Chest Press

Instructional Video: Incline Hammer Strength Chest Press

Leg Press Instructional Video

Close Grip Bench Press superset with Concentration Curls

Use a spotter if needed with the close grip bench press

Instructional Video: Chest Press Selectorize Machine

Interval #2

Quick Interval: Jog in Place, plank walks, push-ups and standing jabs. The 1st, 2nd and 4th exercise: 30-60 seconds. Push-ups: 10-20/round.

Interval #1

Jumping Jacks, high knee jog, ice skaters, suicides-30-60 seconds each. Last is burpees, 10 reps. Each round should be from 2.5 to 5 minutes long.

BOSU Ball Proprioception Interval

Battle Ropes on the BOSU Ball (30-60 seconds), BOSU Ball push-ups (10 reps), BOSU Ball Dumbbell Bicep Curls (10 reps), BOSU Ball Arnold Press (10 reps), BOSU Ball Skull Crushers (10 reps), BOSU Ball Plank Runs (30-60 seconds)

***Use Caution with this exercise

Rear Delt Rope Cable Pulls-Lateral view

Lateral view: stand in a stance slightly wider than a squat, put weight into heels, maintain good balance, pull the rope toward the face, pull with the rear delt muscles

Rear Delt Rope Cable Pulls-Posterior view

Posterior view: stand in a stance slightly wider than a squat, put weight into heels, maintain good balance, pull the rope toward the face, pull with the rear delt muscles

Lat Pull Downs into Jump Rope

Not a traditional superset exercise but great to keep the heart rate up and make for a more challenging workout. Lat pull downs for 10 reps, aim for 30 seconds for 1 minute on jump rope.

BOSU Ball Interval with Burpee Finisher

Battle Ropes on BOSU Ball (30-60 seconds), BOSU Ball Plank Runs (30-60 seconds), BOSU Ball Push-ups (10 reps), Burpee Finisher (10 reps)

***Use EXTREME caution with this exercise

Bicep Curl Superset

Cable Rope Bicep Curl for Strength (10 reps) into BOSU Ball light dumbbell curls for volume (20 reps)

***Use EXTREME caution for this exercise

Core Interval

Ball crunch: 20 reps; Ball Bridge: 20 reps; Ball Oblique Twist with light medicine ball: 20 reps, 10 each side; Ball Cobra: 20 reps; Quadruped Arm and Leg Raise: 20 reps, 10 on each side

Stability Ball Chest Press superset with a BOSU Ball Push up

Try to get 10 reps for each movement. Use caution with these modalities. Use lighter dumbbells for the chest press. It's a tougher lift compared to a flat bench that's stable.

Weight Loss HIIT Circuit #3

Weight Loss HIIT Circuit #2 - Full Length Video

Weight Loss HIIT Circuit #1

Bicep Preacher Curl - Instructional Video

Body TRansformations - Battle Rope Mania

Short Interval with BOSU Ball


Weight Loss Interval Quick Clip

Salute to the Troops - Military Circuit

Leg Extension Machine Instructional Video

Leg Curl Machine Instructional Video

Hip Abduction Machine Instructional Video


Upright Rows