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Welcome to the Billdozer boot camp

Are you tired of feeling tired and drained everyday? Almost like your fighting an energy battle you cannot win. Maybe your health is taking a back seat because of the demands of everyday life? And when you get home, your kids want to play and you have nothing left in the tank. Or your spouse wants to spice things up and you’re a zombie by the end of the day. Well, you’re not alone and there is hope!

I’m Bill Long and I’m very proud to introduce you to your Ultimate Nutrition and Fitness website.  As a personal trainer and nutritionist, my online personal training programs are intended to promote healthier lifestyle choices through education, proper nutrition, and exercise. Making better dietary choices and beginning a sensible exercise program is something that can be accomplished by anyone. It just takes some dedication and discipline.  You could be a few small changes away from getting back to that old level of vigor and stamina you once had before. I can help you find the best version of yourself simply by creating a meal and exercise program for you. Regardless of your fitness levels and nutrition knowledge, I can you help reach your goals.


It all began back when I was 18. I was finally able to get serious and consistent with weight training. I was eating more and noticed a transformation after a couple of months. This piqued my curiosity. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and how foods were affecting my body. So, in January of 2005, I moved to Penn State to major in Nutrition. Four years later, after a lot of ups and downs and sleep deprivation, I earned my bachelor’s degree. However, my idea for becoming a personal trainer started more recently, about five years ago. I moved to Las Vegas pursuing that dream. I went to a trade school and became certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). My goal was to combine my new skills with my nutrition knowledge.

I wanted to help more people…

As a nutritionist and a personal trainer, it is my duty to be at the service of others. All I knew was that I wanted to help more people and working at a gym limited my abilities to help a higher number of clients. That is when I made the decision to start Billdozer Boot Camp. But getting started had a lot of challenges. I had to learn a lot very quickly, including technology. As soon as I took a step forward, I took two steps back. It was also financially challenging in the beginning since I staked myself. I didn’t take out any loans or get help from angel investors.

It is much more than exercise; it is about healthy lifestyle choices…

When training my clients, I don’t just promote exercise and proper nutrition. I try to stimulate following basic and healthy lifestyle choices. And I have had great satisfaction knowing that I have helped my clients get healthier inside and out. This will always be my utmost satisfaction. But I still dream of helping more people in the same way. We all have different goals. Whatever my clients goals are, there is a game plan to help them achieve their dreams. My greatest gratification is to give them the foundation that they need to stand on as they begin their personal and unique journey to wellbeing and health.

Contact me, Bill Long, to join my personal training program. I work with clients throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, with online options available nationwide.

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (Tracking Your Nutrition)

Getting lean and staying lean all starts in the kitchen. When you eat right, your body will respond accordingly. When you sign up for my plan, you have access to the professional advice you need to achieve your goals. I create a healthy eating plan for each of my clients. The program includes online coaching to help you make the right choices in the kitchen.

Healthy eating does not have to be boring. From bold breakfasts to delicious dinners, meal plans include fresh options for any time of the day. By combining healthy eating with top training in the gym, you’ll get started on the path to fitness.

Monthly Workout Routines From An Online Personal Trainer

No matter what your fitness goal is, whether you want to get healthier or lose some weight, the only way to get there is with the right training. Realize your full potential when you join me for effective workouts.

During these workouts, you'll train one on one with me, not a fitness model or sports celebrity. My workouts are designed to help you meet your health and weight loss goals. Workouts are updated month to month based on your progress and to continuously challenge your body.

With the workouts from the Billdozer Boot Camp, you don't have to drive to a fitness center to get your training in. I also offer workout routines that can be done from home.


The journey to better health and weight loss starts with your first workout. Run, lift, and eat your way to better health when you train with me, NASM-certified personal trainer and nutritionist Bill Long, in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a participant in the Billdozer Boot Camp, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take your health to the next level. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase your stamina, I show you how to accomplish each of your goals through my online personal training programs. By combining the workouts and meal plans from a fitness nutrition specialist, you’ll have the tools to realize your full potential.

Choose Your Customized Plan

We all have different goals. No matter what your current body type is, I offer a customized approach to fit your needs. Join my Billdozer Boot Camp project today to make your life all it was meant to be.

Contact me, certified personal trainer Bill Long, to sign up for my exclusive fitness program. As a fitness nutrition specialist, I offer in-person training throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, with online options available nationwide.

Stephen D. – Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

I've been working out for many years without a personal trainer and never thought I needed one.  Working with Bill for just two months netted me greater muscle gain than for the last year on my own.  His knowledge of exercise science combined with nutrition make him an excellent coach.  I strongly recommend training with Bill.

Carmella H. – Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Bill is everything you expect in a trainer, but unfortunately, don't always get.  He is a true student of his craft, well-educated yet always seeking out more knowledge.  He creates a tailored plan for each individual, factoring in their body type, current fitness, diet, nutrition, likes and dislikes, and any uniqueness in health or physiology.  He is willing and proactive in researching alternate approaches in both diet and exercise if his clients do not see the anticipated results. Regardless of your current fitness or goals, he will get you there!

Lyzel K. – Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas

I appreciate Bill's ability to assess how I'm feeling at the beginning of each session, guide me through a variety of exercises that make sense, and push me just enough to have a great workout. I'm proud to say I reached my first set of goals at a steady pace and continue to incorporate what I've learned into a healthier lifestyle.