My interest in my personal weight loss and fitness goals typically wane after about 3 months, so I knew when I signed up for a personal trainer that I needed someone who could help me stay committed and accountable. What I didn't know is how amazing it would be to have someone who was also knowledgeable in corrective exercise and nutrition. My simple weight loss goal evolved into a better understanding of what I need to do to feel better overall. I appreciate Bill's ability to assess how I'm feeling at the beginning of each session, guide me through a variety of exercises that make sense, and push me just enough to have a great workout. I'm proud to say I reached my first set of goals at a steady pace and continue to incorporate what I've learned into a healthier lifestyle.

Lyzel K.

Las Vegas, NV

I've been working out for many years without a personal trainer and never thought I needed one.  Working with Bill for just two months netted me greater muscle gain than for the last year on my own.  His knowledge of exercise science combined with nutrition make him an excellent coach.  I strongly recommend training with Bill.
Stephen D. Las Vegas, NV

Bill is everything you expect in a trainer, but unfortunately, don't always get.  He is a true student of his craft, well-educated yet always seeking out more knowledge.  He creates a tailored plan for each individual, factoring in their body type, current fitness, diet, nutrition, likes and dislikes, and any uniqueness in health or physiology.  He is willing and proactive in researching alternate approaches in both diet and exercise if his clients do not see the anticipated results.  His work ethic is admirable and rarely-equaled.  He is punctual, professional (when he needs to be), silly (when he can be) encouraging, motivational, and human.  As someone who has width and breadth of experience in various arenas of sport and fitness, both professionally and as an amateur, and has also had multiple trainers over the past twenty years, I can unequivocally say Bill is worth every penny.  Regardless of your current fitness or goals, he will get you there!

Carmella H. Las Vegas, NV